"BUREAU OF ARCHITECTURE AND ELECTRICAL WORK" performs works on electric equipment installation from 100 V up to 110 000 V   Particularly;

Company FL-P Fedorchenko A.N. is a leader in this highly competitive service market. Among our clients were such industry giants - AT "Kharkivoblenergo", Kharkov Instrument-Making Plant named after T.G. Shevchenko, Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazina, PJSC Pharmstandard-Biolek, LLC Peresechansky Oil Extraction Plant, PRAO Termolife, PJSC Kuryazh Housing Complex, shopping and entertainment complex Caravan, shopping and entertainment complex DAFI, SILPO supermarket chain and others. 
In 2015, a 35 kV high-voltage substation was commissioned at the Novovodolazh Abrasive Plant, with an authorized capacity of 1600 kW, powered from the networks of the Southern Railway, designed and installed by the staff of our company.
We cooperate with large world corporations manufacturers of electrical equipment. We offer gas-insulated switches for voltage of 35-110 kV, high-voltage bushings for power transformers, switches, insulators of ABB firm with RIP isolation for voltage of 35-110 kV. A specially trained team of our company replaced the outdated BMT-110 high-voltage bushings on the 110 kV Stary Saltov power transformer for Kharkovoblenergo AT dated the BRIT-R-90-550/800 ABB input.In stock repair kits of gaskets made of oil-resistant rubber for ABB bushings, or we will make to order.  VIDEO 
The electrical laboratory of our company searches for damage to cable lines, conducts periodic measurements of insulation resistance, grounding resistance, phase-zero loop measurements.
We carry out repairs of power transformers 6-10 kV. We provide services for the regeneration of used transformer oils by the separator NSM-2. Since 2019, the UOM-TsS unit for double purification of industrial oils from mechanical impurities, moisture and acidity reduction has been commissioned at the production facilities of our enterprise. Installation of double cleaning through blocks of absorbers with zeolite and silica gel. We have a constant supply of new transformer oil.
Since 2018, the production of switchboard low-voltage equipment has been established (certificate of conformity UA.PN.191.0276-19):
- The main switchboard (main switchboard);
- Introductory and accounting cabinet (VUSh);
- Cabinet control tracker solar panels;
- Battery inverter cabinet (SHIA);
- Cabinet for management of renewable energy sources;
- Relay protection cabinet for 6-110 kV substation based on a microprocessor device (SHRZ):
ShRZ-6/110 based on the microprocessor device "MRZS";
ShRZ-6/110 based on the "Diamond" microprocessor device;
- Panel of the emergency events recorder based on the Rekon microprocessor device;
- Cabinet operating current (SHOT);
- Cabinet automatic input reserve (ABP);
Taxation system - An individual entrepreneur on a common taxation system, VAT payer.
First of all, we care about the quality of the services provided and pursue the most loyal pricing policy, which is why not only industry giants willingly cooperate with us, but also small private enterprises. Regardless of whether you need to install a metering cabinet or if you need comprehensive services of a designer, electrician at a huge facility, we will always fulfill our obligations to you with high quality and give a guarantee for the work performed.
Contact our company to get quality service and electrical installation throughout Ukraine from experts! We have experience working with large facilities and we are trusted by the majority of companies in our region. They trust us!
Services are provided by our trained staff. We are aware that the quality of our electrical installation work, at times, depends on the performance of a huge enterprise with numerous staff, so we do everything "in good faith."

You can order equipment online or contact us by the following numbers:


Kharkov, Academician Pavlov str, 120 : (057) 751-68-40, (050) 952-36-76, (098) 585-04-23