According to the results of the company activity in 2011-2012 "BUREAU OF ARCHITECTURE AND ELECTRICAL WORK" was mentioned in National business-rating and declared “THE LEADER OF BRANCH 2012” (according to the classification of kinds of economic activity “Electric installation works”), which is proved with National Certificate and medal “THE LEADER OF BRANCH 2012”. The company is awarded with “Golden Rating” in Kharkov region according to the results of Ukrainian companies ranking by official data provided by State statistics service. The ranking was based on five factors:

  • profitability and liquidity of the company;
  • scale of production and paying capacity;
  • resources efficiency;
  • social characteristics (assessments to the state budget, salary);
  • investment attraction

The slogan of National business-rating is “IN FACTUM VERITAS” (lat.) – the truth lies in facts. That is why the companies’ ratings are considered exclusively based on actual economic characteristics, which are provided by State statistics services.

"BUREAU OF ARCHITECTURE AND ELECTRICAL WORK" specializes in maintaining of electric installation works of any complication. While working with our clients we built up a reputation of a reliable, stable team of professionals, providing electric installation services. Qualitative and considered electric installation is very important for convenient and safe maintenance of any facility. Services of an electrician and installer, provided by the company will be performed on highly skilled professional level

Our company is anxious to choose the only right variant of electric works maintaining, which is suitable for your particular request. We will take into consideration all your specifications and wishes in every single case. Based on equipment and material specification, as a Contractor, we make a business offer then conclude an agreement, which contains the list of responsibilities of a Client and a Contractor, list of works, outlay for materials and works, schedule of works execution.

"BUREAU OF ARCHITECTURE AND ELECTRICAL WORK" implements the following types of works: 

  • electric installation works on turnkey basis (reception and correction of technical specification, power supply works, mounting of electric equipment, issuing of necessary technical documentation, registration of an agreement for power supply);
  • repair and laying of cable and air power lines, excavation works;
  • search of damage on cable routing, mounting of brunch sleeves;
  • channelless cabling under motorway, railway lines. Demounting of concrete foundations, bases, pavements, plates, channeling of building units;
  • mounting (reconstruction) DC, TS, CTS, repair (replacement) of power transformers;
  • laying of intrashop lines and installation of power switch network;
  • service works of Client’s electric devices. 

Terms of payment::

Our company works on cashless payment basis with concluding of an agreement, estimate, schedule of electric installation works.


Concluding of an agreement guarantees well-timed fulfillment of works in full volume. For all provided works our company gives a guarantee for 1 year term.

Our advantages:

All electric mounting works are held according to all state regulations and standard requirements. Highly professional and accurate personnel. Qualitative and prompt fulfillment of installation works. The personnel uses modern professional appliances and special equipment.