"BUREAU OF ARCHITECTURE AND ELECTRICAL WORK" performs works on electric equipment installation from 100 V up to 110 000 V   Particularly;

We make sure, first and foremost, on the quality of services and conduct the most loyal price policy, making us willing to cooperate, not only industry giants, but small private enterprises. Regardless of whether you hold the socket, or you need a comprehensive service designer, electrician on a huge facility required - we always qualitatively fulfill our obligations to you and give a guarantee on the work performed.
   Contact our company to get a high-quality service and wiring on the territory of Ukraine from the experts! We have experience working with large objects and trust us service the majority of companies in our region. Trust us!
Services performed by our staff who have undergone special training. We recognize that the quality of our work on electrical, sometimes, depends on availability huge enterprise with a large staff, so do everything "on the conscience." In all our years of practice we have not seen a single accident at the facilities, installation of which is carried out we are. And, sadly, often we are approached by customers who trust unscrupulous executors and paid for it is not only time, but also the losses, which are inevitable in case of accidents on major industries.

You can order equipment online or contact us by the following numbers:


Kharkov, Academician Pavlov str, 120 : (057) 751-68-40, (050) 952-36-76, (098) 585-04-23